YotPo Automated Reviews API Integration

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YotPo Automated Review Solicitation API Integration
YotPo Automated Review Solicitation API Integration

Project Details

CellaRaiders is an established online market place that specializes in selling fine and hard to find wines to consumers and collectors utilizing an osCommerce eCommerce shopping cart. They pride themselves on providing excellent customer service and prices that rival auctions.

CHALLENGE: We were hired to integrate the YotPo API for automated review solicitation, collection and display on the cellaraiders.com website. Unfortunately there was no canned or pre-built plugin or extension available for osCommerce eCommerce shopping carts which is what the cellaraiders.com website is built with.

SOLUTION: To accomplish the tasks at hand we wrote custom PHP scripts that connected to the YotPo API and transmitted daily order data batches to the YotPo platform using JSON format. Once we had the data transmission scripts done we created cron jobs that ran on the customers server each night at midnight to run our PHP scripts. We then moved on to configure the customers YotPo account to automatically send out review request emails 7 days after the order had been completed and sent into the YotPo platform. The final step was to install the code snippets on the cellaraiders.com website in various places to display the YotPo reivews on the website product pages, home page and in a custom popup widget.

RESULTS: Within days of completing this project CellaRaiders.com had started accumulating reviews! The review process is now completely automated and within a couple of months they have already accumulated over 150 real customer reviews!

Services Provided

  • API Integration
  • Custom Programming
  • Automation

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