Top Cash Referral Web Application and Twillio API Integration

Top Club Referral SMS Messaging Platform

Top Club Referral (TCR) is a back end company for industry drivers to make maximum incentives for referring clients to various venues in Las Vegas, Nevada.

CHALLENGE: TCR was a startup company that needed a program that would allow the employees of the business, their referral agents and the venues to all communicate with each other via SMS/Text Messages. They needed a system that would allow the referral agents to send an SMS/Text Message into the referral company and the Venue regarding the parties that they were bringing into the Venue. The Venue would also need a way to confirm that the Agent brought in the correct amount of guests. Finally TCR needed a way to log and track payments to the Agents and generate reports for each Venue on demand.

SOLUTION: We developed a custom online web application using the Yii backend framework that utilized the Twillio API for sending and receiving SMS/Text Messages (via a website). The web application allowed the business owners to create and manage Venues and Referral Agents within the system. It also allowed the referral Agents to send SMS/Text Messages from their phone to the web application where TCR employees could then converse back and forth with the Referral Agents and Venues in an SMS/Text Message conversation. This allowed for very fast and efficient communication between all parties. Finally we developed a series of custom reports for the TCR Managers that allowed the Managers to generate invoices and to view various metrics.

Services Provided

  • Web Application Development
  • Yii Framework Development
  • API Integration
  • PHP Development
  • Consulting
  • Mobile Friendly

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