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Luxury Limousines

Corporate Identity + Custom Wordpress Theme Development

Luxury Limousines Corporate Branding & Logo Design

Corporate Identity

Since Luxury Limousines was a new startup business our first task was to design a new corporate logo for the new business. The business owner wanted the new brand to have a “Regal” look, “Not Too Corporate”, and represent Luxury and Reliability. The business owner also wanted us to make sure that the logo would appeal to all age groups and his key customer demographics.

After several iterations we finally came up with this logo and we think we nailed it! Once we had the first version done we produced inverse and monochromatic versions to be used on many background colors.

Brand Standards

After we had an approval on our logo design it was time to develop the rest of the standards that would be used for all marketing material moving forward. The goal of developing Brand Standards is to define the elements that will be used in future marketing and to ensure that a consistent message is always communicated. We Identified the typography for headings and body text, developed a color palate from the logo and chose colors would compliment each other and stand out when placed on light and dark backgrounds. Our final task was to design inverse and monochromatic logos for use on letter heads, light backgrounds and dark backgrounds. We think it turned out great!

Luxury Limousines Corporate Branding & Logo Design

Website Development

Las Vegas Luxury Limousines iPad View
Custom WordPress Theme Development

We developed a custom WordPress theme for Luxury Limousines so that no other website on the internet would have the same code (better for SEO) and to allow the administrators to login and easily manage the content for every page of the website.

Custom Post Types

We developed this WordPress theme with custom post types for Vehicles, Tours and Services. This approach allowed us to separate the posts into individual tabs in the WordPress Admin resulting in easier management and cleaner organization of the WordPress Admin.

Enhanced Mobile Views

After doing our homework we realized that most of the traffic for this website would be on mobile devices so we developed this website using the Twitter Bootstrap framework for Responsiveness and enhanced mobile device views.

Responsive Mobile Friendly Website

Hamburger Navigation

A “Hamburger” style Navigation link was chosen to save space and was placed prominently at the top of the page so that it could be easily located.


We placed several Tap-To-Call buttons with the business phone number on the page so that mobile device visitors could easily call the business with one tap of the finger!


We cleverly placed several Calls To Action (CTA) buttons with on the page so that the visitor could easily get pricing.

Las Vegas Luxury Limousines iPhone View
Font Awesome icons

We used FontAwesome Icons so that they would scale up and down with the size of the viewport.

Responsive Images

We used larger images and used Responsive Web Design techniques to scale the images to the perfect size for the device the website is being view on.

Modal Contact Form

In order to get our contact form to be displayed without sending the visitor to another page we chose to show it in a Modal Window, or popup, which also allowed us to call it on any time and on any page.

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