Custom PHP Programming & Software Development

Custom PHP Programming & Software Development

Do you need custom features added to your website or do you need a custom system built to help manage or improve processes in your business? We can help! We develop custom online PHP based web applications, or tools, that are used to manage and improve processes in businesses with custom programming. We develop these tools online so that they are accessible from anywhere using PHP Frameworks that allow us to rapidly develop prototypes, test the prototypes, and refine them into viable products.

Frameworks we like to use:

cakePHP Framework Logo
CakePHP Framework

CakePHP makes building web applications simpler and faster while requiring less code. cakePHP offers a flexible database access layer and a powerful scaffolding system.

Laravel Framework Logo
Laravel PHP Framework

The Laravel PHP Framework allows developers to create applications at breakneck speed! Laravel comes out of the box with an amazing ORM, easy routing, powerful queue library, and simple authentication.

Yii Framework Logo
Yii PHP Framework

Yii is a fast, secure, and efficient PHP framework that is flexible yet pragmatic. Yii has a lightning fast ORM and comes with simple authentication and Bootstrap UI right out of the box!

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Why use a Framework?

Using a framework for your project will not only define the architecture, programming procedures and programming standards that the developers will use, but also allows developers to easily collaborate together on your projects. The frameworks we use also offer scaffolding features that allow us to rapidly develop prototypes based off of wireframes and database schemas.

Recent PHP & Web Application Projects:

Entourage Entertainment Lead Manager
Laravel Framework

Custom Lead-to-Sale Management System

Recently we built a custom Lead-to-Sale management system for Entourage Entertainment using the Laravel PHP Framework. This system collects all leads generated from the public facing website and allows the administrators to track & manage the leads. The system also tracks sales performance for the businesses categories and gives the administrators valuable statistics used for decision making.

cakePHP Framework

Job Installation Management System

Recently we built a custom job installation management system for Titan Stairs using the CakePHP Framework. This system allows it’s users to input and track jobs, materials, workers and the scheduling of all jobs. We also built out an array of custom reports for the business controller to use for payroll, accounts receivables and income tracking.

Entourage Entertainment Lead Manager

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