The 2017 Consumer Electronics (CES) Show was held again this January right here in our back yard of Las Vegas. So of course we attended this massive show that had a record attendance of over 170,000 people. There were so many amazing things to see but this year there seemed to be 4 main themes that were being presented.

Autonomous Vehicles

Although this isn’t our favorite subject, there sure were plenty of people interested in it at CES.

CES 2017 Las Vegas Nissan SAM Concept Cars

Bluetooth Connected Speakers

It really seemed like everyone jumped on the bandwagon for this one. Almost every booth we walked by had bluetooth connected speakers of some sort on display, however Marley seemed to grab our attention with their snazzy Graphic Designs.

Marley Bluetooth Speaker

Bigger, Better, THINNER T.V.’s

There were a host of companies displaying the newest, latest, greatest, and THINNEST T.V.s’ and it sure was impressive to see them. We were really impressed by LG’s new and SUPER thin LED T.V’s. which were literally barely an inch thick.

LG Electronics Super Thin TV at 2017 CES Show Las Vegas

Virtual Reality (VR)

Las but certainly not least, Virtual Reality was a huge part of the show. Many of the big players dedicated a large portion of their exhibit space to Virtual Reality. We had the opportunity to test out several of them while at the show. We can honestly say that Virtual Reality… is now Reality!

Virtual Reality at 2017 CES Show Las Veags

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